December 12, 2022 - January 22, 2023

So many people ask me how to overcome the challenges with interdisciplinary research.

We know all about them. It takes longer. It's harder. People don't see the value in it. 

But we also know that when it works, Interdisciplinary Research makes real-world change. It leads the way with innovative solutions and ground-breaking science.

So, what if we could make it easier?

Hi, I'm Andi Hess. I am an internationally recognized expert in Interdisciplinary Studies and Team Science. I am past president of the International Network for the Science of Team Science and I have been teaching courses and workshops on Interdisciplinary Research in the US and Europe for over a decade. 

I have been wanting to build this course for ages, and I am planning to offer it for $2500 when its complete, but I am inviting a small group of Beta Members to go through the training in real time as I create it for $1000 off at just $1497!

Here's the catch: I'm only accepting 20 Founding Members!

As a Founding Member, we'll work closely together for 6 weeks. I'll give you live training, support, and personalized coaching each week, so you can take your research and get it polished up to submit to a journal in a discipline that's not your own by the end of the boot camp.

And because I know that having more success stories, case studies, and results from my Founding Members will help me get this program into the hands of more people, I know that spending extra time to support you isn't just a win for me, it's a win for you!

So, to reserve your spot as one of the first 20 Founding Members right now, click the link below and reserve your spot. 

When we hit 20, I'm closing down enrollment until next summer!

Stop struggling through the interdisciplinary publishing world on your own.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to pick the right journal for your submission when it isn't in your primary discipline

  • How to translate journal scopes and CfPs from other fields (it's probably not saying what you think it is...)

  • How to anticipate what Reviewer 2 will say when you're not already part of the academic conversations

  • How to frame your work for the target discipline, including using the right key terms, justifying your data collection & methods, and speaking to the disciplinary conversations that matter

  • PLUS, as a Founding Member, I'll incorporate your questions into the content!

Stripping out the jargon is the quickest way to ensure your interdisciplinary research gets rejected.

So often the advice given to those who want to work across boundaries is “remove all the jargon,” but the jargon is there for a reason.

Jargon is the way we test for competence. 

Jargon conveys very complex theories and concepts in shorthand, and it has entire academic conversations and histories embedded in it.

Stripping out the jargon is a key reason interdisciplinary work is undervalued in ALL fields - you’re not displaying competence in anything.

Instead, you need to use the right jargon for those you’re talking to, with enough background and explanation for those outside the field you come from.

It takes work, but it can be done. 

It’s highly individualized, so it’s not the kind of thing that can be put in a checklist. 

But I can show you how.

Meet Your New Integration Coach

Hi, I'm Andi!

I'm so excited for you to join me in this boot camp! I've spent the last decade studying knowledge integration, and I've run training workshops for faculty all over the USA, Canada, and Europe. Now, I'm bringing it straight to you.

Here are just a few more things about me:

I've spent more than a decade in a variety of faculty and administrative roles at Arizona State University, ranked #1 in innovation for 8 years running. I am also the past-president of the International Network for the Science of Team Science. On campus, I've participated in so many huge interdisciplinary projects I've lost count. 

As Interdisciplinary Studies faculty and the Director of Life and Learning Integration, I've coached thousands of students through transitioning into and out of college, individualized interest visioning, and career planning.

As the Director of the Interdisciplinary Translation and Integration Sciences Initiative, I designed and hosted trainings for graduate students and faculty who wanted to learn how to do this interdisciplinary stuff better. 

I've consulted on Interdisciplinarity and Team Science components for a variety of grant proposals, such as the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Centers, AccelNET, and the new Engines programs for universities across the country. 

I've also done quite a bit in Europe, including workshops with the Human Brain Project and the Manchester Cancer Center. You can see a few videos from the participants of some of my workshops below.

Bottom line?

My super power is helping you see connections.

I hope you'll join me for this first time live boot camp experience

December 12 - January 22

For just the first 20 founding members I will take you through every single step live!

In the future, this will become a 6-week course with recorded videos and resources for larger groups, but since this is the first time I'll be building it LIVE with you! 

As a founding member, this means you will get:

  • weekly live video lessons that will break down the process step by step.
  • live coaching with me to answer your questions directly!
  • individualized support with your disciplines and your research as examples!
  • lifetime access to all updates and future versions of this boot camp as it grows and evolves!
  • a HUGE founder discount! I expect this boot camp will be $2500 normally, but for just this first time I'm giving you $1000 off!

I am only taking 20 members this first time for this exclusive session! Don't miss out!

*If you need something special from me to use your university development funds, just let me know

Questions? Email andi {at} remixcoachingchandler {dot} com

Need a payment plan? Click Here

See what people have said about my past workshops

Watch a video recap from a workshop Andi hosted for the Manchester Cancer Center. You can read more about the event here.

Watch a video recap from a workshop Andi hosted with Lean To Collaborations for North Dakota State University

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Learn how you can overcome the interdisciplinary slow down


  • How will the course be delivered? How long will I have access?

    How does lifetime access sound? Weekly workshops will be held live on Zoom with recordings available shortly after. Plus, as founding members, you will also have access to any future updates or additions to the course.

  • Will this only work for me if I’m currently writing an article?

    No, not at all! I originally designed this so you could better understand where your scholarship fits in to different areas, but organizing it around publication is a bit more concrete. This process will also easily work for you if you are writing a grant application or any other sort of proposal outside your home discipline. It’s also a great first step even if you don’t know what you want to do with your research yet, or if you just want to be able to speak convincingly with other researchers. And of course, you have lifetime access so you can always come back to it when you are ready to write something too.

  • Can I use faculty development funding to cover this program?

    Generally, this falls under professional development and would count in a similar manner to any other writing courses, coaching or events. If you need something specific from me to use your development funds for this (for example, a non-credit card payment option or a specific form) please email me at andi {at} remixcoachingchandler {dot} com

  • Does Andi do other courses, coaching, or consulting?

    Yes, I offer many individualized solutions for a variety of contexts. In particular, I offer guest lectures, adjuncting, custom workshops, and consulting for interdisciplinary studies instructors and administrators. For researchers and research teams, I am happy to discuss interdisciplinary facilitation services, research ideation workshops, and consulting on interdisciplinary grant proposals. Please contact me at andi {at} remixcoachingchandler {dot} com

  • Is a payment plan available?

    Yes! I have added a payment plan through my coaching software. Please purchase at this link and allow 24-48 hours to be added to the Thinkific platform.